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You haven't heard Briana yet?  Can't seem to get a hold of her rare B-sides?  Well here is your one-stop music spot - the all new Briana Corrigan Music Page.  Here you'll find several low-res .wma versions of most of her songs.  The quality of these files is poor on purpose.  I know many people can't get a hold of any of her CD's, so I've put these songs up from her debut album just so you can get just get a good idea of what her solo record was like.  If you like it, go buy the CD.  It is an excellent album that I never tire of listening to.  Enjoy, and download responsibly!

Briana Corrigan - When My Arms Wrap You Round - 1996  (48kbps .wma)
  1. Love Me Now                1.3M
  2. Fool                       1.3M
  3. Now You Talk               1.3M
  4. Come To Me                 1.5M
  5. I Put My Arms Out For You  1.7M
  6. Simply Beautiful           1.7M
  7. Some Big, Big Truth        1.8M
  8. Back Of My Hand            1.7M
  9. Miss America               1.3M
  10. The Leave Taking           1.5M
  11. Grounded                   1.8M
  12. The Man Is Dead            0.8M


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