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Briana Corrigan - When My Arms Wrap You Round - 1996 
  • Love Me Now (Chords)
  • Fool
  • Now You Talk
  • Come To Me
  • I Put My Arms Out For You
  • Simply Beautiful
  • Some Big, Big Truth
  • Back Of My Hand
  • Miss America
  • The Leave Taking
  • Grounded
  • The Man Is Dead (Guitar Tab)


Briana Corrigan - Love Me Now Single (CD1) - 1996
  • Love Me Now
  • I Put My Arms Out To You (Acoustic)
  • Nicotine (Chords)


Brian Corrigan - Love Me Now (Acoustic) Single (CD2) - 1996 
  • Love Me Now (Acoustic)
  • Feather In My Cap
  • When
  • For Home (Chords)


Briana Corrigan - Fool Single (Unofficially released.  Promos only.)
  • Fool
  • Apologies Not Accepted
  • Comfort


You can still buy When My Arms Wrap You Round from Ian Tunstall at Changes One.  He is very known on the LFW and still sells many copies to Beautiful South fans from all around.  So go to his awesome site and request a copy!  It is VERY GOOD and I highly recommend it.  Besides, Ian is really nice!  He'll hook you up with whatever you need, from Briana to rare Beautiful South to Indie and Rock.  If you want to get a Japanese import of "When My Arms..." then go to this site at Mediawars.  I just wrote them yesterday (March 3rd 1999) to see if copies are still available and I was responded with a big YES.  They have more than 10 copies left and they can ship it out to anyone in the US or Europe for only $32.  While they last!  This Japan-only release contains 4 bonus tracks too!  So go check it out!
P.S.  I would just like to add, if it were not for my awesome brother Michael, I would not own any of Briana's CD's.  He went out of his way while he was in Germany to buy me her album plus both singles.  He mailed them to me the same week I requested them and like he said in the guestbook, he didn't even make me pay for them.  So I want to greatly thank my cool bro for having a great deal to do with the creation of this web page (even though he doesn't know a thing about html).  Thanks for getting me her album and singles brother.  You rock and AV will also rock this June.  Now you can be happy.  =)

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