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This is going to be the new unofficial web site for Briana Corrigan.  I wanted to create this page because every time I got on the Internet and did a search for Briana Corrigan, nothing would come up but sites on The Beautiful South.  So this is my effort to produce such a site that is solely dedicated to just Briana.  She is an absolutely wonderful songwriter and musician.  I think she deserves her spot on the world wide web.  Though, I don't claim to know everything about her or her music, I do love to listen to her articulate voice mixed with a little drums and guitars.  This site hopefully will allow other fans a place to go to find out more about Briana and her music.

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This page was created on February 19th 1999.  Last updated on September 14th, 1999.  Copyright ©1999 Dan's Production I have no professional affiliation with Briana, except that I love her music and hope she runs across this site one day. This page is brand new and under daily construction.  Please feel free to write me with comments and suggestions about this site. Special thanks to my bro Michael for helping make this web page possible by providing the pictures and Briana's great CD's.

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