Here is an excerpt from an interview that Erik Brady [EB] had with a few members of The Beautiful South, including Dave Rotheray [DR], Sean Welch [SW], and Rich Adams [RA].  The interview took place on December 13, 1994.  Briana had already left the band and had completed her solo album at the time.  This particular part of the interview is when EB asks how things are coming with Jaqui, and of course Briana's name comes up.  Upon reading the interview myself,  I found it somewhat humorous, yet at Briana's expense, so I questioned whether or not I should even make this page, but I decided to put it up anyway, because it is interesting to read and it sort of tells the story from the band's point of view.

RA: So how's it been with Jackie coming along?
SW: Nightmare.
EB: You're in hell.
RA: We've all heard about how you knew her and stuff, about this singing in a party. But we don't really know why Brianna left the other band.
DR: Well, it's a combination of things, really. She was pissed off with the... at two things, really. Number one was the words. She didn't like the way the words
were going. She felt they were a bit offensive.
RA: That's a bit strange, in a way...because 36D was showing how these things _______ [I can't make out this word].
DR: Yeah, that was what I thought. I mean, I saw them as like being third person stories that they were characters in. Rather than celebrations of only particular
SW: But she felt it wasn't what she wanted to do, to sing about the negative aspects of women, you know. So, fair enough...
DR: And the other thing she was pissed of about was, I think, that she felt maybe her contribution was a bit limited. She didn't quite like the idea of being in the band
where she the only singer...
SW: And the endless tit jokes! <laughter>
DR: Yeah, the endless tit jokes grounded her down after a while.
EB: I can't imagine why...
DR: The gingermint references...
EB: Well has anybody kept in touch with her since?
SW: I've found her a few times, yeah.
EB: I've heard that she's doing a solo album. Is that true?
SW: I believe so, yeah [DR agrees]. I haven't spoken to her since she's been...recorded.... she's got a deal, and I haven't spoken to her since then.
EB: With Go! Discs as well?
SW: No....with...East/West Records, I think.
RA: I was looking down inside the album yesterday...and her name was at the bottom...which...I don't know how the order is...
SW: Well, the order was worked out..
DR: By lengths of names <laughter> What it was is that we tried to get it so it made a diamond, with a short name at the top and the bottom. Was that it? And the
longest name in the middle. It looked neat.
RA: Well I know Jackie's like secondmost long.
SW: Well, you know, singers are singers anyway.
RA: Yeah, and Brianna hardly ever had any songs where she was like the main person.
SW/DR: No, not many. She had a couple on each lp.
RA: I mean, I remember listening to Welcome... and the best bit was when she sang on the end of "Have You Ever Been Away?"
DR: She wasn't really in the band then, that's why she didn't sing much on that one. She was sort of a guest.

"Sort of a guest"???!!!  She is what made The Beautiful South truly unique.  When she comes in on "Have You Ever Been Away", is the best!  I mean that part is just so defining.  It totally chages the whole feel of the song.  Also her voice backed up Paul's and Dave's just perfectly.  I thought she got plenty of lead vocals spots on both "Choke" and especially "0898".  But it's the songs like "A Little Time" and "Something That You Said" where she sang a duo with Dave that she sounded so awesome.  The Beautiful South just hasn't been the same without Briana Corrigan backing up the band. ~ Dan

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