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May 27th, 2005
I got an email from James W. the other day with a great link to an acting agency's web site which offers short downloads of voice clips of their clients.  Wouldn't know that Briana Corrigan was on the list?  Click on this link here to listen to a clip of what they describe as "Warm Northern Irish accent with light tones".  She sounds good to me!  Thanks for the great find James.

June 6th 2003
This site is reborn after being dead for almost 2 years!  It was by some miracle that I ran across an old zip disc that I had been carrying around since I graduated from College.  On this disc I found a number of files (most of which would only be of interest to myself) but I did find something worthwhile on that disc: this entire web page.  I can't believe it's been over 4 years since I made this web site dedicated to Briana Corrigan.  Since I haven't had time to redo any of it, I'm posting it up exactly as it was 4 years ago.  The news is old, the links don't work anymore and Briana has stayed so far out of the public spotlight that no one knows what she is up to these days.  Last I heard she had taken to the stage to do some acting in various small plays and had gotten married.  I wish you the best Briana.  And thanks to everyone for stopping by.  If you've got something to add about the lovely and talented Briana, please send me an email.  Thanks.

November 24th 1999
It's the day before Thanksgiving and I've been up to more mischief on the internet.  I have made a few MP3's and Real Audio clips of some of the B-sides from her first single 'Love Me Now'.  There are two downloads for each song.  One is encoded in Real Audio and the other in MP3.   They both should take the same time to download, but you can decide which one sounds better.  If you like Real Audio better or MP3.  These are alomst CD quality.  To keep from infringing on copyright laws, they can't be perfect, but I think you'll be quite pleased with the sound.  You'll need a Media Player to play these songs.  At you can get the RealJukebox which plays both RA and MP3s. This player is absolutley free.  You may already have Microsoft's Player on your computer which should play the MP3's just fine.  So with out any further adeu, here is the link to the all brand new Music Page.  (Page still under construction, beware.)

September 14th 1999
I am repenting of my terrible sin for not keeping up this page, so I actually DID something new, I made this web page about 10 times faster (for all you 56K modem people out there).  I finally compressed all the pictures and graphics down to about 1/5th their original size.  I am so sorry for some of you having to download 222K files!  That must have been torture.  Anyway, those files are now about 40K, so everything should come up faster.  Some files are even 10 times smaller than they used to be and I used a progressive encoding so the pictures should come in blurry at first and then clear up nicely and look normal.  I could have made the pictures even smaller, but this was the best I could do without compromising the appearance of the pictures.  And Briana is definitely not one to be making compromises with, she deserves the very best!  Also Rich has been playing the guitar again and figured out another song for us all.   The Leave Taking chords are right here.  So enjoy.  =) Let me know if everything really is faster and what you think.

September 1st 1999
The new news is...that there is no new news.   I am so terribly sorry for not being able to keep up this web page.  I was pretty much gone from the computer for the entire summer.  I was hoping to receive through fans information on the where-a-bouts of Briana but it appears that many of you are in the dark just as much as I am.  I thank all of you for coming and checking out the site and for those of you who have diligently signed the guestbook.  I have read all of your comments and am very glad so many of us still hang onto the Briana Legend that she created from once having been a member of The Beautiful South.  I'll keep the web page up for as long as they allow me, but as far as modifications and changes go, I'm afraid there will be none.  I have one last year of school to go and then that's it for me.  If any other news does happen to cross my path, this is will the first place it gets posted.  So take care and good luck to everyone.
Dan Marx

March 26th 1999
The Guitars page is up and running!!  I've got a lot of great help from Rich in York, England.  Thanks again Rickaa!  So far there are a total of four songs for your guitar-playing enjoyment.   More will be coming soon.  So stay tuned....No news about Briana's new album, but I know she is currently working on something, I just don't know exactly what or when it will be coming out for the rest of us to get our hands on.  All I can say is....stay posted!!

March 4th 1999
Coming soon!  Real Audio clips of Briana's solo stuff.  If you have yet to hear her album or the singles, then stay'll like it. Also I went web browsing for a Guestbook today and just happened to find one.  It's pretty cool, so go ahead and sign it!  And thanks to all those who already have. Plus I've been strumming the ol' guitar a bit and figured out a few of tunes from the album.  I'm not a musical genius, but I do like to play the guitar, and if the song is simple enough, I can figure out the chords.  There is some serious rad guitar playing on her album, (better than I can play) but I would love to learn them especially The Man is Dead.  I love that song!  So give me some time and I'll put up what I can as soon as I can. Also I am working on a links page.  So if you would like to be linked to this page email me.

March 3rd 1999
This one was news to me.  Briana also sang harmonies on a CD called Palace Songs created by Will Oldham.  The label is Drag City and the name of the album is Hope.  Apparently it's some sort of single or EP because it contains only 6 songs.  I don't have this CD but I am interested in hearing it.  If anyone has it, write me and let me know what you think.  In the meantime, click here to find out more about Palace Songs.  If you click on Briana Corrigan it will take you to a site where you can rate her album.  It's kinda cool!  If you want to buy this cd, CDNOW has it for only $9.49.  Click here to go straight to it.  You can read the reviews about it too.  I just might have to go buy it myself!  =)

February 28th 1999
I just found this little bit of information from Delores and the Turtle.

Wrap You Round Again
Briana Corrigan is currently at work on demos for an as yet untitled project. She is collaborating with Dave Couse from the Irish band A House" (and former producer of The Frank and Walters' GRAND PARADE album).  The results of this return to work should be available in early 1999.  The initial tracks are named:

               1. If This Is Where Love Is
               2. Losing You
               3. Nervous Smile
               4. Little Darling

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