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Thanks for stopping in and checking out my HPI Micro RS4.  If you're unfamiliar with R/C cars, this particular car is like no other.  Specially designed by HPI Racing, one of the biggest names in R/C cars, this car is 1/18th scale and houses standard size electronics.  With tons of hop-up and aftermarket parts available, some people get these little buggers up to 60 MPH!  These cars are designed to handle like real 1/10 scale touring cars but for a fraction of the cost.  Oh yeah did I mention?  It's 4WD.  Driven by a single precision 140mm or 150mm belt, the Micro RS4 sends power to all four wheels with grace and style.  Add  differentials to the front and rear and you've got yourself a sweet, tiny, fast, and wildly fun Micro RS4.
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07.19.03 - The official release of The Micro Hybrid 540 Conversion Kit.  Need more speed?  Need more power?  Then look no further,  the Micro Hybrid is finally here.  A complete chassis conversion that will accommodate any 540 motor you can muster up.  Stop by www.aktionrc.com for details.

11.18.02 - A few months ago, across the street from Costco, I noticed a large concrete building going up that resembled something of a Wal*Mart.  When a sign was finally place on the building that said Competition Hobbies my eyes widened and my jaw dropped to the floor.  A brand new hobby shop only 5 minutes from my house.  Not only that but they have two brand new carpet and dirt tracks inside.  Nearly one month before Christmas, they plan on opening for business with races twice a week.  While peering through at the tracks from inside the store I drooled and dreamed of getting a 1/10 scale stadium truck or touring sedan...or both.   Stop by and check it out!

10.27.02 - This weekend I discovered something quite amazing about my 380 motor.  I put a 20T pinion on it and suddenly my car went from boring and slow to hipped up slammed up dooped up fast.  I went from a gear ratio of 3.62:1 to 2.90:1 and now the car absolutely flies.  Not only that but the motor still stays cooler than any other setup I've run to date.  Check out the Hop-Ups section for more details. 

09.17.02 - I just received my brand new Ratzas Pro Pan chassis from Team Speedster.  I think their name comes from the fact that everything they ship gets to me so very speedily.  This chassis is awesome.  And the sweet servo mount kit is a definite bonus.  The carbon fiber on this thing is beautiful.  It has so much depth and appeal to it with just the right combination of stiffness and flex.  I'm doing everything in my power to not buy the Pro Rear Deck w/Shock. to accompany this new chassis.  I'm excited to hook up my 8 2/3A batteries (below) and see how this baby performs.  I'll keep you updated.

08.25.02 -  I ordered some new parts for my Micro this weekend.  I got 8 Nexcell 2/3A NiMH 1100 mAh batteries from the Canadaman Paul at www.gadgetnerd.com.  This guy is awesome and will hook you up on all your rechargeable battery needs.  Great friendly service and the prices cannot be beat.  I also ordered a GH ball diff so I can finally get rid of all the wobble wobble of my current bent rear axle.  A brand new Watt-Age 370 under the hood and every part is cleaned up and ready for some good hard runs.

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- The Videos section is up and running with lots of great clips of my Micro shooting down the straightaway.  The files are a tab bit large for conventional dial-up modems but the image quality is as good as can be hoped for from a homemade video.  Go ahead and watch them all!

My Background

I've been into R/C cars for just about as long as I can remember.  It probably started when I was 8 and walked into a Radio Shack for the first time.  I think every year after that till I was a teenager I wanted an R/C car for Christmas.  The funny thing is I never really got one of the real R/C cars.  You know the kind that cost you 3 months paper route salary and take 3 weeks to put together.  I was too poor and too impatient for that kind of R/C car.  I bought the cheapos, the kind you buy right out of the box from your local department store.  The Sears Turbo Hopper was probably one of my favorites.  I know, it's sad.  

Well now that I'm an adult (by age anyways) I've got a lot more money, more defined skills, and I actually know how to drive a full size automobile.  So I decided it was time to get back into the sport of R/C cars.  What most people (wives in general) don't realize is that an R/C car is just an extension of our real cars where driving super fast and  reckless or as totally in control as possible is the name of the game.  There are no traffic lights, there are no slow grandmas pulling out in front of you and most importantly, there are no speed limits.

The reason I bought a 1/18th scale car is mainly because of cost.  You can buy these kits off the Internet for about $75-100.  Throw in a radio and some batteries and you can be racing for less than $200.  And so the story begins and the web site is created.  There something about having a need to exploit one's hobbies for everyone to enjoy, I don't know what it is.  These next few pages are dedicated to the workings of my Honda Civic Micro RS4.  Click on the links below or to the left for lots more information, tips and tricks, building techniques, hop-ups, pictures lots of cool live video footage.  Thanks for stopping by!



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