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I painted my body green, the exact same color as my real Honda Civic.  And painted all the windows black.  Let me just say, it looks friggn' awesome.  These pictures don't do it justice.  I only used a few of the decals off the decal sheet.  I thought it looked too cluttered with all the images and logos everywhere.  So I just did the window trims, the front grill, and the tail lights.  It looks nearly stock and not riced out at all.  Just the way I like it.  I'll try and get some better pics up soon.  I got these off a digital camcorder and imported them through my video card and then took snapshots of the video.  Some pics are blurry and resolution isn't all the fabulous, but here they are anyway.
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Specs on Nissan's 2003 350Z

24-valve, 3.5 liter DOHC V6 producing 287 horsepower and 274 lb-ft of torque
NDIS (Nissan Direct Ignition System)
CVTCS (Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System) 
6-speed close-ratio manual transmission or Electronically controlled 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode
Dual outlet exhaust
0-60 time of less than 6.0 seconds
4-wheel independent multi-link suspension with use of lightweight aluminum components
Available Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Traction Control System (TCS)
Long wheelbase (104.3 inches) and wide stance
Raised rear deck for enhanced aerodynamics






Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTM 150mm Body

My latest work of art consists of HPI's Merecedes CLK GTM body and a full set of unmounted TRC foam tires.  The body was my first attempt at two colors and as you can see, the black bled a little bit through the tape.   I used some crappy masking tape and should have used something better.  Oh well.  The silver looks better than I could have hoped though.  And a silver Mercedes just seemed to be the most appropriate.  The foams aren't actually mounted in these pics, I still have that to do.  In fact the rear wheels aren't even attached to anything.  This is because I modded the rear rims to fit the 25mm wide TRC donut.  In doing so, the rims fit very, very sung on the inner wheel hub.  I was afraid if I pushed them on just for the pics, without having mounted the foams, I might not be able to get them off.  I pushed them on halfway and such was the case.  So you just have to pretend that the rear differential is there and that the car is actually functional.  Except I took the motor out too.  So here it is.

Image Small Large
back_side_small.jpg (87921 bytes) (85K) (269K)
front_side_small.jpg (40549 bytes) (39K) (117K)
front_top_small.jpg (47196 bytes) (46K) (140K)
front_small.jpg (73769 bytes) (72K) (228K)
side_small.jpg (54829 bytes) (53K) (160K)
rear_tires_small.jpg (96704 bytes) (94K) (283K)
maxx_crushed_micro_med.jpg (89768 bytes) (88K) (288K)
800x600 pics below
fat_tires.JPG (64494 bytes) fat_tires_3.JPG (68423 bytes) new_micro_1.JPG (135939 bytes)
24mmtires.JPG (54475 bytes) tires_compare.JPG (60784 bytes)
new_micro_2.JPG (122401 bytes) wo_body.JPG (114764 bytes) wo_body_4.JPG (130809 bytes)
wo_body_2.JPG (112793 bytes) wo_body_5.JPG (130648 bytes) wo_body_3.JPG (130330 bytes)
Here's some pics of the actual 
2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM
mercedes-benz_01.jpg (31135 bytes) mercedes-benz_02.jpg (32331 bytes) mercedes-benz_03.jpg (31706 bytes) mercedes-benz_04.jpg (23980 bytes)
mercedes-benz_05.jpg (28739 bytes) mercedes-benz_06.jpg (34748 bytes) mercedes-benz_07.jpg (38459 bytes) mercedes-benz_08.jpg (46582 bytes)

My Nissan 350Z Pro-Line 140mm Body

After I did some serious damage to my Civic body, I decided to get a new body and start from scratch.  Pro-Line make some of the best bodies for R/C cars and even thought they don't make as many bodies for the Micro as HPI does, what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality.  When I saw their 2003 Nissan 350Z, I thought that car looks friggn' sweet!  So  I bought one from RC Boyz on e-Bay (great people to work with, by the way) and the body arrived on my doorstep two days later.  I originally wanted to paint it the same color as shown on in all the pictures for it, but I couldn't find that cool gold color paint so I just did it blue.  The pictures below are the results.  Click on the file size that corresponds to how fast your download speed is.  The HPI Micro RS4 is the coolest R/C car in the world.



Image Small Medium Large
micro1_small.jpg (38876 bytes) (38K) (75K) N/A
micro2_small.jpg (41135 bytes) (41K) (78K) N/A
micro3_small.jpg (44435 bytes) (44K) (85K) N/A
micro4_small.jpg (42376 bytes) (42K) (83K) N/A
micro5_small.jpg (37339 bytes) (37K) (71K) N/A
micro6_small.jpg (35523 bytes) (35K) (72K) N/A
micro7_small.jpg (39914 bytes) (39K) (75K) N/A
Z1_small.jpg (35565 bytes) (35K) (73K) N/A
Z2_small.jpg (35558 bytes) (35K) (74K) N/A
Z3_small.jpg (40992 bytes) (41K) (85K) N/A
Z4_small.jpg (41212 bytes) (41K) (85K) N/A
Z5_small.jpg (40135 bytes) (40K) (84K) N/A
Z6_small.jpg (36967 bytes) (37K) (78K) N/A

Pro-Line's Nissan 350Z 140mm Body

nissan350z.jpg (15580 bytes)nissan350z_2.jpg (12410 bytes)nissan350z_3.jpg (20313 bytes)nissan350z_4.jpg (15109 bytes)

My Old 2001 Civic Body

civic35.jpg (41021 bytes)civic34.jpg (47109 bytes)civic8.jpg (26031 bytes)civic20.jpg (40517 bytes)

civic13.jpg (44318 bytes)civic15.jpg (33716 bytes)civic17.jpg (29628 bytes)civic19.jpg (27672 bytes)

civic11.jpg (44002 bytes)civic6.jpg (25116 bytes)civic28.jpg (43360 bytes)civic5.jpg (31493 bytes)

Jamin's 150mm Corvette

jamin1.jpg (63986 bytes)jamin2.jpg (46616 bytes)jamin3.jpg (52504 bytes)jamin4.jpg (50763 bytes)



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