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Before I bought a Micro I watched the only few videos I could find that showed just how truly fast these cars can go.  I'd say that downloadable video was a key selling point for me to get this car.  So now that I have one, and I've hopped it up a bit, I thought I would share as much video as I can get with all you nonbelievers.  Yet due to massive bandwidth drain, I've had to remove most of my videos.  There are however a few of my videos floating around on the web by people using KaZaa.  You may be able to search them under Micro RS4.  I've also converted the files to zips so you can no longer stream them from the sites.  Please use alternate download sites and please only download them once.  Thanks!

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Feast Your Eyes on the Fastest, Tiniest 4WD R/C Car Ever!

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I removed all the videos for now.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  Hope you got to see them while they were still alive. 






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