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Click on the image for a medium resolution shot.  Click on 'high res' below each thumbnail (where available) for a full resolution shot.  Most pictures are around 750K.

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Here's some before and after shots.  Before cleanup and after cleanup.
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Jamin picked up a Savage 21 just to spite me and my T-Maxx.  Here's some true to life comparisons of the two Monster Trucks.  And I know, my rear wheels are on backwards.
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We couldn't help but make a couple of stickers with Calvin peeing on the other's truck.  Then I made a custom transmission plate out of 0.065" aluminum and blue 4-40 screws.  It's not beautiful but it does the job fine and weighs next to nothing.
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After making the tranny cover, I decided to make a full set of a skidplates.  I copied RPM's idea and actually made wearplates, except I made mine cover the entire length of the stock ones.  They go over the stock skidplates to provide just a bit more protection and strength.  They aren't shiny aluminum, but still 6061 grade and 0.065" thick so it's lightweight, yet when combined with the stock plastic pieces makes the truck tough enough to battle even the roughest terrain and most brutal crashes.  Not bad for spending $0.00.
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