"On the flesh rampage, still running 'round"


These first few videos were shot with a digital camera.  There is no sound and no cool effects.  I was also shooting and driving at the same time, a near impossible feat to accomplish.  But here they are anyway, in all their lame glory.
  • Maxx Playground (2.83M) - So far this has been the choice spot to bash around my T-Maxx.  It's hard dirt mixed with flat spots, mounds and moguls and plenty of places to launch.  That's the good thing about living in the desert - lots of places to run wild.
  • Jumping The Jump (7.13M) - I found a pretty cool spot to get some rad air and had Jamin shoot some video of it.  This is one of my favorite jumps to hit.  Sometimes I can land it, other times I cannot.  I'm still trying to get used to launching this sucker, but it rocks when I can do it right.