This is the fun part of this web site - demos, unreleased and instrumentals.  I went through a bunch of old tapes I found in my garage and just died laughing at some of the so-called music we were putting together.  Fortunately I think most of the good songs actually made it on the album.  But there were some that didn't, for one reason or another, so now they end up here.  Some songs Dave just didn't like, others we just didn't have time to really work on.  Also as you listen to demo versions, notice how the song improved in overall appeal as we worked on it and formed it and molded it into something we could be proud of.  "Refuge" is a good example of song like that.

                     Demos                                       Instrumentals                                Unreleased              
   Cry Me One Baby - NEW!
   Ocean Blue
   In the Afternoon
   Highest Mountain
   Farther Than Eyes Can See
   Real World
        Highest Mountain
   The Song Dave Hated
   Cutting Room Floor #2
   Cutting Room Floor #3
   Abuse - w/Cary Judd
   Premish - 1 year later
I just want to write a few words about a couple of the unreleased songs.  The first song entitled The Song Dave Hated is an interesting little piece of work.  It was probably composed in about an hour and was my feeble attempt to disassociate keyboard bands as being wussy, cheesy and weak.  Grunge had just hit the seen back in 92-93 and nobody could care less about bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Erasure and the like.   I guess punk was pretty popular too but I didn't listen to a whole lot of that.  So I decide to write this really fast, really hard, not-cheesy keyboard song.  Only it turned out to actually be one of the lamest songs, cheesiest songs anyone had ever heard which only labeled keyboard bands as being even lamer and cheesier.  To this day, I still can remember Dave's exact words when I played him the song.  He said, "Dan, this is the worst song you have ever written!"  So it got scrapped.  Honestly though, I still kind of like it. ;-)

The three cutting room floor songs are just short instrumentals typical of stuff I'd throw together late at night while thinking up our next hit single.  They're just bass lines, a beat and a tune.  A simple start of what could become a song with some work.  Once we decided not to do the song however, it would never get developed any further.  These were some of my favorite from the group of songs we never did.

After we had released Dreamdom, we decided we wanted to one more song.  And we once again wanted it to be a little harder, a littler deeper, a little bit less happy.  So we coaxed our "one and only true fan" Cary Judd to play guitar on a song that we had been working on called Abuse.  Cary was more than happy to help out and was a great and very funny guy to work with (Cary, you still rock man!).  We finished the song during that summer and then Terminal Bliss hit the highway.  That was the last song we ever did together.

One year later, after being gone at a college in Idaho and away from my keyboard for 8 months straight, I sat down to write one more song.  I'm not sure where Dave was at this time.  I'm pretty sure he had already hooked up with Dave Stowater and 29 Died was formed and beginning to make the Industrial scene pretty heavily.  I was still into my keyboards, but wasn't about to make a life changing decision to pursue music any farther than for entertainment purposes only.  So I whipped out one last song called Premish.  It's done with all the same gear (and less) as we had for Terminal Bliss.  It's not all that great, it's not all that fancy, but it's a song I've always liked listing to just because it was the last one I ever composed and taped - even to this day.  




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