I always felt we had a more unusual writing style.  Most of the music and lyrics were never written at the same time.  I'd sit down at my keyboards and throw together some rough versions of new stuff I'd made up.  Then I'd make tapes of a couple of songs that I really liked and gave them to Dave to listen to.  Then he'd sit down with a walkman or even his clock radio and go through the songs writing verses and choruses.  Then finally we'd sit down together and put some structure to the songs and make a first run vocal demo.
Side 1
  1. Ocean Blue
  2. In the Afternoon
  3. Cry Me One Baby
  4. Highest Mountain
  5. Far Away
  6. When
  7. Bliss
Side 2
  1. Whatever
  2. Refuge
  3. Tribute to the House M's
  4. Farther Than Eyes Can See
  5. The Real World
  6. Highest Mountain (Remix!)
  7. 1923-Baldor Paige Instrumental




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