"Throughout a life in oblique substance, a distant shock of terminal bliss or a memory lying beyond our dreams, the shadow of a time dismissed."

Terminal Bliss are David Ciemny (vocals, lyrics) and Daniel Marx (machinery, composition).  All tracks recorded, engineered, and mixed down in Dan's living room studio from October 1992 to April 1993 by Terminal Bliss.  All material is original.

Dan Thanx:

my parents for the cool keyboard, Jedd for ruling the world so well, to Bowerbank, Mark & bill, all my friends, Kevin, Jamin (you guys rule), Nate, Amy in math, Evan & Fred, Stephen, the Domino's chick, that really rad girl I once saw but never said hi to, "Hi!", The Beautiful South, Karalee, Karen in Galt, Mr. Love, Janene & Kim for all the cool rides home, Vince, my family, Bob, Bowen, Smack, Heather, Jack, my second grade girlfriend Danielle and to all our loyal fans who bought the tape, to Abbey tape, thanks a million!

- Dan 1993

Dave Thanks:

(in no order whatsoever) everyone who digs our music, all the DJ's who play it, our influences far and wide, Dan's parents & family for putting up with us, friends, Ryan, Jack, Smack, Mack, Stevee B. & Laura, Jason (Reform), Stowater (Altimeter rips!), Bowerbank, Holly (you finally got your tape!), my cool Belgian family (vaila ta K7), my mom (Happy mother's Day!), Dad & family, my loving dog Bandit, Stacey, Greg (hang in there man), Hallie, Sherrie, and Alisa (you guys I'd like to be friends), Amy (and the super quality time), our record company when they find us, Thousand Yard Stare, Jesus and Mary Chain for being good to me, Blade for Lollapalooza 2, Maria for cutting my hair, to that cool babe whose locker is nect to mine, Cary our one and only true fan, the Westlake Printer (Marcia & Shelli), to Rob "Jimi Hendrix" Hutton - come back soon, and to all those who I've mindlessly forgotten (there can't be many).

- Dave 1993




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