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Between Something and Nothing
Vanity Fair
Drifting, Falling 2
The Circus Animals
Frigid Winter Days
Just Let Me Know
Love Song
Ask Me Jon
Awakening to a Dream
The Office of a Busy Man
A Familiar Face
Breezing Up
A Separate Reality
Questions of Travel
When Life Was Easy
The Planetarium Scene
Falling Through the Ice
Ballerina Out of Control - New!
Hurricane Amore
I've Sung One Too Many Songs for a Crowd... 2
Peace of Mind
Listen, It's Gone
Bliss Is Unaware
Ice Skating at Night
Don't Believe Everything You Hear
Crash 2
Cathedral Bells
The Relatives
Emotions Ring
Whenever You're Around
Out There
Ways & Means
My Scream
Past Future Perfect
1010 Cloud Deck
Bite Your Lip
Cloudy Days
Garden Song
My Best Friend
Consolation Prize
Been Down A Lot Lately
So Many Reasons
Bottle Yours
Do You Still Remember
It Never, Just Might
Walk Away
Sweetheart, You're Surrounded
Mood Swing
Garden Song
New Man From Chicago
Fast Forward Reverse
Golden Gate
Ticket to Wyoming
The Northern Jetstream

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Ocean Blue Cover CD - Record Yourself Playing Ocean Blue Songs

This is your chance to let your talent shine!  Pick up your guitar, keyboards, or whatever instrument you play, and record yourself jamming to your favorite Ocean Blue tune!  I'll post them here for everyone to listen to.  Can't sing?  Who cares!  Can't really play?  No problem!  I sit around my house all day long strumming Ocean  Blue songs, and I know many of you do the same.  So that's why I decided to start this cover song list to get other people excited about doing a TOB cover!  Not only that, but if I can get enough participation, all the songs
submitted will be compiled into an Ocean Blue Tribute CD.  Haven't you always wanted an Ocean Blue Tribute CD?  Wouldn't you love to actually be on the tribute CD?  Send your songs my way! 

I know some of you fans are in bands and actually do real Ocean Blue covers.  Those would be absolutely great for the CD.  I've got plenty of server room and a ton of bandwidth to kill.  Follow this link and use "tobguitar" as the login and "tob" for the password.  Or just send me an email at the above email address.  I'll be removing the files periodically and placing them on my server to keep the Yahoo! Briefcase from overloading.  I look forward to hearing everyone's songs, as I'm sure you all are too.  

Oh yeah, if you need any kind of help recording your song, have software or hardware questions, drop me line, I'll be more than happy to help you figure it out.  When you've decided on a song, let me know and I'll include it in the list below.  This is just so we don't get twelve versions of one song.   Otherwise send any song you won't mind having everyone else listen to.  Now if you need a quick and easy to use recording tool that will let you record multiple tracks and add effects, I'd recommend downloading the TC8.  It's simple to use, easy to learn and can give any rusty live performance a bit of professional style to it.  I think that's finally it.  Have fun!  (I've moved this news back to the top as a reminder to everyone to get cracking on any cover songs you still want to do).

Songs Already Completed

Mercury - Age of Exposure - Live at the Ambler Cabaret, PA - 02.14.07 New!
Past Future Perfect - Daniel and Michael Marx - 04.02.05
Ballerina Out of Control - Michael Flint - 04.13.04

Either/Or - Akashaman - 04.01.03
Marigold - John Fredrickson - 08.19.02
- Dan Marx - 07.03.02 
Between Something and Nothing
- Glen Sutton - 12.05.01
A Familiar Face
- Glen Sutton - 12.05.01
- Emma - 10.29.01

Ballerina Out of Control - Synth mix by me from a long time ago.

Current Songs Being Composed
Email me which songs you want to do.  All the old people who were going to do a cover but never did have been removed from this list.
If you're already signed in to Yahoo! on another account, you will have to sign out and sign in again under the login tobguitar, password tob, in order to access the files.

Mercury Lounge Live MP3's

The Ocean Blue live during the CMJ Music Marathon at the Mercury Lounge, in New York City on October 19, 2000.  I wasn't sure if anyone had already done this or not, but I had no idea that this show was online until yesterday, so I figured if I was out of the loop enough to miss it, maybe many of you were too.  So enjoy the show!  Click here for some demi-decent CD sleeves I threw together to go in your jewel case.  The album artwork should automatically show up if you import into iTunes.  I also noticed something interesting about one of our favorite songs in this list.  I remember once reading where Dave said that Denmark is actually Either/Or played backwards.  Sure enough the chords in each song are identical but in reverse order.  But that's not what he meant, he really meant that if you actually play Denmark backwards, you will hear Either/Or.  Check it out if you don't believe me.  Pretty crazy stuff isn't it?

Download all mp3's in one .zip file here - 39.9Mbytes

1.  Intro 8.   Ways and Means
2.  Ayn 9.   Thanks
2.  Garden Song 10.  Past Future Perfect
4.  My Best Friend 11.  Sublime
5.  Denmark - Denmark Backwards 12.  Reverb
6.  Tuning 13.  Ballerina Out of Control
7.  Slide 14.  I've Sung One Too Many Songs...

New Tabs and New Renditions of Old Tabs

I ran across a web site last week called www.guitaretab.com and was impressed to find very good guitar tabs of Ocean Blue songs amongst their pages.   So I emailed the author of these tabs to see if I could host them on this web site and he graciously agreed.   So with one brand new song never been tabbed before and three oldies but goodies, here they are.  All these tabs are courtesy of Reggie Peratrovich.  Thanks Reggie!

I've Sung One Too Many Songs...
Drifting Falling

These new tabs are noted above with a small 2 next to the other tabs.  Harlequin and Ways & Means are two  new tabs that I did just recently.  So don't forget to check those out too!

Riverside Guitar Tabs
This news is for all you Riverside fans out there.  I've made another guitar site and can you guess who it's dedicated to?  That's right, it's all Riverside.  I've tabbed out the first half of 'One' with plans to finish the album within the next couple of weeks.  I was originally going to release the site after I'd finished the whole album, but I got anxious, so I thought I'd give everyone a sneak peak and reveal it now.  I hope you enjoy! 

Riverside Guitar Tabs - One

A New Look for the Web Site

Boredom has once again reared its ugly head and the result was I created a new look for The Ocean Blue Guitar Page.  Same info, same tabs, just a new overall look for the web site.   I haven't been working on too many new songs lately, I know I've been a slacker.  But until The Ocean Blue decides to do a few shows in the western states, I'm on guitar tabbing strike.  ;-)  The legend for this site is as follows:  blue fonts are completed tabs, orange fonts are active hyperlinks, gray fonts are tabs you've already been to, and white fonts are tabs yet to be written.  Thanks for your continuing support!  Oh yeah, this site has permanently moved to www.danmarx.org/tob so please (for the last time, I promise) update your bookmarx.  Thanks!

The Ocean Blue Guitar Guestbook
I finally broke down and decided to get one of those free guestbooks for this page.  So please feel free to drop in and sign it.  Let us know what songs you just love playing on your guitar the most!  *Due to spamming, the guestbook has been removed completely.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Arrivals & Corrections

After Reuben saw TOB live last month, he wrote me and said Dan, Cake is played on the 4th fret and Garden Song on the 2nd!  Figure 'em out!  So I took the challenge and can now present you with one more officially tabbed Ocean Blue song.  I know you're all going to love this one.  It is quite simple to learn and has that genuine TOB sound.  Enjoy!

Either/Or - 05.06.01 Corrected Chords!
Garden Song - 04.08.01 Corrected with Capo 
Cake - 04.08.01

Spinning Globe
the ocean blue

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