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XRAY T1M Mini 1/12th

06.19.05 - Sold my T1M.  It was a fun ride and a great little car.  Feel free to check out the site and see just what I did with it while I had it.  I'll leave this site up for anyone interested in finding more about Xray's little T1M that never really made it off the ground.

04.08.04 - Got the servo installed, the esc mounted, the Rx shrink wrapped and hooked all up, and the tires glued (what a nightmare that was).  I finally took some pictures too so the PICS page has been updated with something else besides white space.  My D6 motor comes tomorrow and that's the last piece of the puzzle before I can drive it.  I still need to paint the body, but I do that later.  The only thing I've been able to do is crank the steering back and forth and watch the wheels turn, turn, turn.  It's fun, and that servo rocks.  It's super quiet and easily turns the wheels even on heavy carpet.  Like they say, you can never have too much torque.  I'm also thinking that I may need to put the links at the top of each page as well as at the bottom.  That way as the page gets longer, you won't have to scroll so much to click around the site.

04.05.04 - So I've started updating a few of the pages.  The SETUP page has a list of my current setup including all the electronics, cells, ESC, servo, etc. that I'm using in my car.  I also babble for another few paragraphs about why I chose each of the components in my setup.  Soon it will include a list of some of my friend's setups as well, for comparison sake.  The FORUM is also up and running.  I'm poaching on my buddy's forum for now, but it may ultimately become the official forum for this site.  I've also got some generic LINKS to a bunch of site that I go to regularly for RC information and whatnots.  So forgive the empty space, and since there are probably only two people even looking at this site right now, I'm sure it won't be a problem.  I'll keep the updates coming, especially the first Test Drive.  I'll be writing up a nice long review for that one.

04.02.04 - The T1 Mini Touring RC web page has officially launched.  I'm just getting started on a new layout for what will ultimately be a really cool T1 Mini site dedicated to this sweet new RC car.  For those of you who've been out of the loop, a new fad is emerging on the horizon in RC.  Something remarkable, something ingenious, and a little something we call - 1/12th Scale Touring RC. 

Q: What happens when you take a world-class 1/10th scale RC car and shrink the wheel base to 208mm, bring in the track to only 165mm and still use huge 2.2 inch wheels and all standard electronics?
A:  The Mini 1/12th scale is reborn.

This page for now will be a placeholder till I find more time to fill it all in with some useful content.  My car is still in the building stages.  Actually the kit is complete, I'm still waiting on the tires, servo, and motor.  Then I need to build the battery packs, install the electronics, paint the body, and I'll be ready to go.  Until then, I'll start to get this site up and running.  We're hoping to get a dedicated Mini forum going soon, as well as some other fun gadgets and gizmos.  So stick around!  And drop by again soon. 

Scale Mini Touring Sedan

Here's a few pictures of my initial build.  This kit is sweet!